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Pocket Mirror

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All women like to have a mirror in their bag, which is why this promotional gadget is associated with a female audience, but it is often men who also benefit from it, making them pay for it. Create mirrors online with your favorite photos or designs and you will receive a beautiful and useful complement all cheap.

Custom Packaging

Prepare advertising mirrors with your logo, promotional mirrors for events, mirrors to give away or sell.
We have handbag mirrors, pocket and table mirrors. This is the page to buy mirrors online! Custom design pocket mirror, customize it, make it.
If want to be wholesale please contact us.
If you live to Australia or UK, or USA why not contact us? we are professional, faster and manufacturer.
This is a good product for be a souvenir product.
pu-leather pocket mirrors is your product.

Here you will find a wide selection of custom handbag mirrors that you can give your customers as nice and useful promotional gadgets.
They are objects for aesthetics that are always useful and of little bulk, to always be worn with therefore a great way to give more; visibility à to your company.
In any case, personalized mirrors are a highly successful, useful and elegant gift, to offer promotional corporate gifts in the advertising campaigns of cosmetic companies and companies related to beauty and wellness.
The custom mirrors with the screen-printed logo print are personalized bag mirrors that you can take anywhere. They can be excellent tools for an activity; of advertising aimed at making known more for example a beauty salon. They are very useful gadgets, since è always convenient especially for a woman to have a handbag mirror. If you need to promote your beauty salon, these mini custom mirrors may be for you.
We have a vast collection of mirrors to personalize you with different shapes and colors; you just need to choose the model and the color that is the most it matches with your corporate image and we will personalize it as quickly as possible at the best price.
Custom compact mirrors and personalized, promotional bulk, all branded with company logo. Make your own compact mirror, make your own pocket mirror cheap
Custom pocket mirrors printed with your original designs are unique accessories that combine style with practicality. The hinge clasp opening protects the 2 internal glass mirrors from scratches, and for a feminine touch, we print your designs onto a sparkly white base. With a polished chrome finish and an engraved bottom, your custom compact mirrors are effortlessly cool and contemporary. No minimum order requirements.